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Totally renovated, by making a smaller but still adequate kitchen I was able to get a comfortable entrance foyer with front closet and re orient the entrance into the bath and add a shower, making the apartment now a full two-bath dwelling. While adequate, the living room had a non-working fireplace between the two windows. I took it out and added banquet seating area in the living room, enlarging the space and providing more seating. This was done by taking some space from the less-used guest room. I added two entrances to the guest room on either side of the banquet seating to make the space feel airier. And I used Chinese scrolls, framed as closet doors which are visibile from the living room to also open up the visual space.

  NYC Condominium

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Original View#1 from Entry
View#1 from Entry after remodel
Original View#2 from Entry
View#2 from Entry after remodel
Original Living Room
Remodeled Living Room
Original Master Bedroom
Remodeled Master Bedroom
Original Master Bath
Remodeled Master Bath
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